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Friday, January 5, 2007

Appetizers / Sides

Appetizers and Sides!

Normally you would use these recipes for a snack before the main meal but most of these are great for party snacks, tailgating, or the main course itself - but any of these are great for appetizers!

Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABT's) - Don't let the name fool you!  Once you make this tasty snack - it will be at the top of the request list!

Atomic Shrimp Boats - a twist on the ABT - for seafood lovers!

Armadillo Eggs - ABT hidden in the middle of a chorizo layer of goodness!

Smoked Brie and Figs - even the girls like this one!

MOINK Balls! - One of the best snacks in the world!

Pig Candy!  You won't believe your taste buds!

POINK Balls!  And you thought MOINK Balls were great!

Smoked Potato Chips - a million ways to make this one!

Shillelagh Sticks - Classic Irish snack!

Scotch Eggs - no booze but plenty of fun!

Stuffed Jewel Peppers - a huge crowd pleaser for all ages!

Smoked Salmon Bites - one of the tastiest treats known to man!

Ham & Cheese Roll Ups! - A Farmer John Challenge Snack.

808 State Fatty - The bacon explosion from Hawaii!

Farmer John Ham and Pea Pasta Salad - an easy recipe that makes the most of your left overs!

Smoked Stuffed Dates!

Stuffed Smoked Portobello Mushrooms

Monday, January 1, 2007

BBQ Tools

BBQ Tools!

Below is a list of BBQ Tools. Most of them are nice to have but some are must haves:

Cedar Planks

Fatty Piston


Pork based recipes:

Here's a list of recipes that use pork as the primary ingredient!


Chicken based recipes.

Here's a list of recipes that use chicken as the primary ingredient:

 Chicken Stackers



Chicken Pops!  You are never too old for this killer snack! 


Habanero Death Dust Hot Wings - these are NOT your little sister's wings!


Beef based recipes:

Here's a list of recipes that use beef as the primary ingredient!

Stuffed Cheeseburgers!

Grilled Rib Eye Steak!

BBQ Beef Sandwich