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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beer Brats!

Beer Brats!

I figured out how to do this recipe on accident.  Most people I talk to usually cook their bratwurst in the beer for the entire time.  One day I was cooking some brats on the smoker and I might have left them on for a bit too long - until they were completely dehydrated looking and wrinkled beyond belief.  They looked horrible!  So I threw them all in a pan of beer and checked on them in another 15 minutes and guess what!  The brats puffed back up and were normal looking!  Not only did they look normal again - they were super juicy and you could actually taste the beer!  They were awesome!

Always start out with the best product you can find.  This means Ballast Point Beer and Brats from T & H  Meats Bratwurst.

Disclaimer - Ballast Point and T & H Meats both sponsor Meat, Inc. BBQ Team - doesn't mean that I would say they were the best if they weren't!

Put the brats on the smoker or grill as normal.  I usually cook mine at 225 for about 45 minutes.

This is what the brats should look like if you were going to cook them the "normal" way.  They are done, internal temp is above 165F, the skin is shiny and taught - a perfectly cooked  sausage will have a great snap from the skin / casing when popped open.

For beer brats - keep cooking!

 After another 15 - 20 minutes after the brats should have been pulled off the grill, the skin starts to shrivel up and the sausage starts to look really wrinkly.

Most of the fat and juices have escaped from the casing at this point.  Now it's time for the beer!

Place your brats in a disposable pan or oven safe baking container.

Add in enough beer to cover the bottom of the pan with about 1/2" of liquid.

I used Ballast Point Yellow Tale Pale Ale.  Bratwurst has such a mild flavor it will really take on the flavor of whatever beer you use.  I think Yellow Tail is the perfect compliment.

Put the pan back onto the smoker / grill for another 15 - 20 minutes and watch the sausage plump back up to normal size.  They will look just like they did when they were originally ready to eat. 

You can also throw in some sliced bell peppers and onions at this point.  The flavor from the vegetables will soak into the sausage too - and they are the perfect topping to add to your brat on the bun.

All the beer sucked into the bratwurst adds such an amazing level of flavor!  You won't be disappointed and you will definitely be the hero of the party!

Let's eat!

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