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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus is a quick and easy way to add a great appetizer or side dish to your meal - and best of all - it's wrapped in bacon.


The recipe is really easy -
Bacon - average quality. No need to get high quality - unless you want - and no need to get thick cut - it would actually be more difficult to keep wrapped.


I used 1lb of bacon for one average size bunch of asparagus.

Trim the bottom off of the asparagus. Cut the bacon in half. Wrap each asparagus spear with a half piece of bacon. Try not to overlap the bacon so it cooks evenly. Pull and stretch the bacon as you wrap it around the spear so when you let go, the bacon contracts and clings to the spear without the need of a toothpick.

The bacon wrapped asparagus does take up quite a bit of room on the grate. I suggest cooking this on a smoker where there are no direct flames. You can cook them on a gas grill but make sure you keep the burners OFF on the half of the grate you are cooking the asparagus on. The bacon grease is really easy to cause flare ups on a gas grill. You can also cook these in an oven.
I cooked these at 225 grate temp and it took about 1 hour. Cook until the bacon is completely cooked. The asparagus will probably be overcooked at this point but who's tasting the asparagus anyway? It is really just a delivery vehicle for the bacon.

After about an hour the bacon is done and ready to eat. Some other options are to sprinkle some brown sugar on the bacon to add a little sweetness. Candied Bacon Asparagus? Sounds good!

Plated up with some smoked Pork Tenderloin. Really good! Let's eat!


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