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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chicken Pops

Chicken Pops are just fancy drum sticks - wrapped in bacon! Don't forget - everything is better wrapped in bacon. This recipe is simple - generously sprinkle the dry rub onto the chicken drum sticks. I use Trade Winds Grilled Chicken Seasoning - available at Smart & Final or another option is to use Draper's AP (all Purpose) Rub. It has the perfect blend of sweet and heat guaranteed to satisfy everyone! Slice the meat - at the point where the meat starts to get thicker - slice carefully all the way to the bone.

Scrape the meat from the cut point down around the knob of the bone. Slice thick cut bacon strips in half and wrap a 1/2 piece of bacon around the meat of the drum stick. Stretch the bacon as you wrap it around the chicken so when you release the bacon, it sticks to itself when it contracts - this way you won't have to use any tooth picks to keep the bacon in place. If the bacon doesn't stick to itself, feel free to use a toothpick to keep it in place.

I smoked the chicken at a grate temp of 275 for about 90 minutes. The bacon fat rendering will seep into the chicken adding flavor. Since the leg is dark meat and using thick cut bacon will give you some leeway on the time - you could cook up to 2 hours. Ensure the internal temp on the meat is at least 165F for safety reasons - and make sure the meat juice runs clear when you probe it.

I cooked some ABT's along with the chicken legs - the cook time is about the same and they seemed to go together very well.

There is nothing special about this recipe except it looks a little different - maybe even cool! AND it's meat wrapped in bacon! The kids seemed to like them even more too!


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