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Monday, March 17, 2014

Grilled Figs

If you have a fig tree you are always wondering what to do with all of that fruit.  Your dog will only eat so much and even though figs are great right off the tree - I have a limit.  What happens if your neighbor has a fig tree and gives you a sack of them?  So the question is how many ways can you cook figs that taste great, easy to make, and go with a wide range of food - either as an appetizer or a side. 

Let's make this really easy - fresh figs and blue cheese crumbles.  The saltiness from the blue cheese is a great pair with the sweetness from the figs. 

Cut the figs in half and use a melon ball scoop to create a divot in the fig half.

Add some blue cheese crumbles.

Lots of blue cheese crumbles.

Put on your super hot grill.  I use Grill Grates because the allow you to pick up the fruit from underneath.  The figs will get a bit squishy as they cook and can be difficult to pick up.  We also don't want to hit the fruit with flames and burn the outside.

Check out this great tool at http://www.grillgrate.com/