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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moink Balls - sorry - MOINK Balls

MOINK Balls - one of the best snacks of all time. Easy - YES! Tasty - YES! Endless possibilities in sauces, and spices used - YES! Let's get busy!

MOINK Balls are a combination of Moo (cow = meatballs) and Oink (pig = bacon) - two tasty animals combined = MOINK Balls. I heard of these little treats for years but for some reason, never got the "balls" to put these together. Well.... long story short, I finally grabbed a pair (of meats) and made it happen!

Credit is due to a fella named Larry who has a blog / web site called The BBQ Grail. It is an awesome site that has tons of great ideas for BBQ, smoking, side dishes, and yes..... even salad (a salad is a bunch of green things tossed into a bowl - whatever). Here is the link to the full story as well as a fun story. See?!?! You can spice / flavor MOINK Balls outta just about anything!

Don't forget - there are only two main ingredients. I have made these with the frozen meatballs as well as making my own fresh. Honestly, I'm a bit lazy and the frozen is the way to go. At Costco you can get a 6lb bag of frozen meatballs and they seem to match up perfectly with 4lbs of bacon.

I cut the strips of bacon in half. If you use high quality bacon (Costco is OK but Farmer John Maple is my favorite) you can stretch the bacon while wrapping around the meatball and when you release, it contracts and sticks to itself. If you have lower quality bacon, make sure the meatballs are partially / completely thawed so you can use a tooth pick to ensure the bacon stays in place.

Sprinkle (heavily) with your favorite dry rub. This is where the personal taste comes in. I used Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy Rub. The Pecan Rub also rocks! You can use plain salt and pepper or let your imagination run wild!

I cooked these on my WSM 22.5 but have also cooked them on my Traegers. You could get away with them on a gasser as long as you cook them away from direct flame. Worse case you can cook them in your oven. I cooked these at 300F for about 90 minutes. I have cooked them at 225 - 250F for 120 minutes with no big difference in taste. Basically the bacon will cook the slowest - even if you use raw hamburger hand made meatballs. The frozen meatballs are obviously completely cooked. Make sure the bacon is completely cooked.

Finally put a squeeze of your favorite BBQ Sauce on top and let it drip and glaze over the MOINK Ball. Some people will roll the MOINK Balls around in a pan and completely cover the MOINK Balls in sauce and then put them back on the grate for a final glaze. Your call!

Finally! Let's eat! If I was going to make these for an appetizer for a party - an average person could eat about 4 - 5 if there were no other appetizers. If there were something else - you might get away with 3 - 4 each but don't blame me for any food riots!

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