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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Figs + Brie

Figs and Brie - Smoked!
This recipe is simple and quick - it takes longer to cook than it does to prep and eat. Two ingredients - Figs and Brie. This dish is a perfect afternoon snack or an appetizer for a fancy dinner party.

The brie is available year around in almost any store. You can select any quality that suits your taste. The figs on the other hand may be difficult to find. Figs are usually ripe in early to mid summer. Farmer's Markets are a good source or if you live in southern to mid latitude U.S., fig trees are easy to grow and produce lots of fruit each year. I have a Black Mission Fig Tree in my back yard and it produces two sets of fruit per season. Fig trees grow fast and can almost double in size per year if pruned properly.

I used an 8" x 6" corning baking dish. One round of brie was sliced into quarter inch slices. For each round, use about 8 average size figs. Remove the stem and bottom from each fig and then slice in 1/4" slices.

Stack and alternate the brie and figs in the baking dish.

If you want to add any additional flavors, you can sprinkle some seasonings across the top.

I put this dish into the smoker at 250F for about an hour or until the brie is completely soft and the figs start to reduce and boil a bit at the edges of the dish. You can easily bake this in the oven at the same temp. The cheese is already pretty flavorful so it didn't pick up as much smoke flavor as I was looking for but the wow factor was there when you open up the BBQ Pit.

I served this hot with various crackers.

Dig in! Let's eat!

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dramabear said...

This sounds stellar!!