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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Que'n for Kids 2010 California State BBQ Competition

Let's get this party started!!

Que'n for Kids 2010 California State BBQ Competition - Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA - June 12, 2010.
Meat, Inc BBQ Team just finished attending the OC BBQ Competition.
Team members for this competition were Aaron, Doug, Ryan and Strawberry. Also joining us were Ann and Dan - KCBS Certified Judges that cooked with us to check the box on their way to becoming MASTER JUDGES! Very impressive!
We also had some help from Mike and Wendy and some extra friends that dropped in!

Aaron singing Holy Diver to his meats so they could cook even better. Ann is in the background trying to remember the chorus (you can see his stripes so you know he's clean).

Mike and Doug prepping meats.

Doug and Mike tossing meats on the smoker.

The Meat, Inc, crew making the world famous ABT's (Atomic Buffalo Turds). We only made 20lbs of jalapenos. All sold out within 1 1/2 hours.

Dan and Doug checking on the Texas crutch. Looking good boys!

Strawberry manning the wet bar. Looking good with a shirt on finally.

Aaron explaining to Monkey (from Rancho Rocke BBQ) why we couldn't trade Strawberry for a 40oz of Mickeys until all the dishes were washed.

Mike - that's 2 tablespoons of CUMIN - sheesh!

Can Aaron be in charge for a minute?!?! Put your shirt on!

Aaron and Ann making turn in boxes. Such great fun. Ann needs to make our turn in boxes every time. Aaron sucks at it.

Aaron and Strawberry being interviewed by the Food Network about our History Of BBQ Display. Do you think this film has ANY chance making it to production? Me thinks not.

Mike and Ryan discussing Cumin.

Turn in Chicken - a VERY disappointing 48 / 57. Same recipe that we pulled a 2nd place at Stage Coach.

Ribs - an average 34 / 57. That pesky 6th bone killed us.

Pork Butt - 18 / 57 - not bad.

Brisket - 19 / 57 - Not bad.

We finished up 30 / 57 in the middle of the pack. If our chicken would have been scored higher, we would have had a top 20. What are you going to do?

Overall contest results found here:

Vending was outstanding - the proceeds from the vending went to Kristie's Kids Foundation - a great cause - Meat, Inc. sold 1198 samples! We sold over 300lbs of meat in under 2 1/2 hours! The crowd really enjoyed the samples!

Here's a link to the foundation. Please visit - it is a GREAT cause!


Wes taking a bite of award winning ribs!

Ryan and Doug pulling more meats for the crowd. Doug asked Ryan if he wanted front or back of the house and Ryan picked the "easy" one - back of the house. Ryan had to cook his a$$ off! I'm pretty sure he didn't get dehydrated though!

The line passes by the History of BBQ display.

Monkey shows his appreciation for Strawberry and the official "Mr. BBQ 2010" - Big Country.

A Meat, Inc. fan voting for crowd favorite. She voted 5 times. It's legal.

Strawberry was actually asked / volunteered by the team to announce the award ceremony. At least he's wearing a shirt!
Overall it was a very well run contest for a great cause. We had a great time but we were a bit disappointed in the overall results - particularly chicken. But what can you do? Get another beverage, cook some more meat, and try again next time!

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