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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sauce Reviews

Sauce Reviews -

This section will provide links to the ongoing reviews of various sauces.

Where did I get these sauces? Most of them are purchased off the shelf or directly from the manufacturer via on line purchase. Some of the sauces were provided by the manufacturer for review purposes. All reviews are honest - good, bad, or ugly - is there any other way?

How did I review these sauces? Most were reviewed using three criteria - Visual, taste, and taste with meat.

Here's the basics I'll cover: I will try and compare whatever sauce I am reviewing next to a well known sauce so you will have a point of reference.

  • Brand / Manufacturer

  • Sauce Type

  • Smell / Aroma

  • Color - all sauces were poured on a bright white wax paper layed on a white background. This will allow you to see the color and any particulates suspended in the sauce.

  • Flavor Profile

  • Viscocity (Thickness) - shown with a visual (Sauce Ramp) - I used the sauce ramp to visually demonstrate the viscocity or thickness of the product. The ramp has a 22 degree angle. The common sauce that I will try to include in every review can be used as a baseline. All sauces will be tested for initial flavor, color, and viscocity at room temperature. Viscocity usually increases (gets thicker) when the sauce is cold. Testing at room temp will remove this variable. Pictures were taken about 3 - 5 seconds after the sauce ramp was dropped.

  • Particulates (if any)

  • Container Size / Volume

Taste Test on appropriate meat (chicken, sausage, beef, or ..?) The meat cooked for the taste test will not have not been brined, dry rubbed, or spiced in any way. Chicken will be boneless, skinless thighs. Sausage will be bratwurst. Beef will be ground sirloin or ....? This will allow for maximum flavor to come through focusing on the sauce but still tasting with a meat.

Uses for the sauce (dipping, stir fry, glaze, general purpose or...?)

Additional Information

  • Logo

  • Packaging

  • Closure

  • Odd ingredients

Availability (where can you buy)

  • On Line

  • Retailer

  • Minimum Purchase

If you would like me to add something specific to review or suggestions to improve the process, please e-mail me!

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