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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

East v. West 2011 California State Championship

East v. West II California State Championship BBQ Competition - held in Wildomar, CA. This comp was a really well run event by Henry S. The weather seemed to hang out for a while on Saturday morning over the highly superior BBQ Team field that descended on this competition. All the big guns from the South West United States were present and accounted for.

Meat, Inc. had the fine opportunity to host the men from San Jose's Smoke Slayers present to assist. Thanks to Johnny Cakes (C-a-k-e-s) and Chad Quarrey. For some reason these kids thought Meat, Inc. would be a great source of information for their future BBQ comps. They washed a LOT of dishes!

No one said we didn't know how to make breakfast!

ALL Firemen LOVE atomic buffalo turds!

Chad and Johnny scrape chicken skins - my favorite!

Making ABT's - me and Nate having a disagreement on how to core peppers!

R - L - Chad (Smoke Slayers), Neil (Big Mista), Aaron (Meat, Inc.), John (Brazen BBQ), Johnny (Smoke Slayers and Lot Lizard) = getting our dance moves on.

Breakfast of champions - carne asada chowder with breakfast fatty. Horrible breakfast - low fat and tasteless! Or was it?!?!?

Clown patrol - Brad, John, Dave, and Steve!

Louie and J-Lo checking on the ABT's! Looking great!
Looking like another beautiful southern California Day - Meat, Inc. sponsored by Oakridge BBQ!

Chad giving Johnny some BBQ tips!

Chicken turn in:
999 999 878 988 978 879 - 5/54

Ribs -
888 898 877 788 899 676 9/54

Pork Butt -
777 987 877 788 899 676 16/55

Brisket - this was THE poor entry we had - it was a rough turn in - according to the Stoker it was over temp... according to the probe test it was over temp... When I sliced it the meat seemed under cooked. It was really weird!
976 866 766 767 766 866 - 53/55

Beef Ribs side comp:
887 889 766 767 787 878 11/24

Chad, Aaron, and Johnny showing off. Thanks for the assist Smoke Slayers!

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