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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Smoked Stuffed Dates

Smoked Stuffed Dates!

This is a fan favorite - a really easy recipe that is the perfect appetizer for any type of party.

 Just a couple ingredients to make you the superstar!
  • Bacon
  • Blue Cheese Crumbles
  • Mozzarella
  • Dates (I used pre-pitted dates - it saves a few steps)

If you can't find pre-pitted dates you can remove the pits by slicing the date lengthwise.

Open up the date and jam in a teaspoon or so of blue cheese crumbles.

Place a small slice of mozzarella on top of the blue cheese crumbles.

 Last step is to wrap a 1/2 piece of bacon around the date.  If you stretch the bacon as you are wrapping - the bacon will stick to itself as it contracts.  No need for tooth picks to keep the bacon in place.

I smoked these tasty treats on my Royall 3000 over apple pellets at 225F for about 90 minutes.  I smoked the snacks on Frogmats so they didn't fall through the grates.  These are a must have for any serious BBQ'r.

Find them at http://frogmats.com/


After about 90 minutes these tasty snacks were ready to be served.

A perfect party snack platter is not complete without Smoked Summer Sausage, Atomic Buffalo Turds, and - of course - Smoked Stuffed Dates!

Let's eat!

Disclaimer:  All products used were purchased / supplied by me.  Royall Grills is a proud sponsor or Meat, Inc. BBQ Team.


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