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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vista Rod Run 2009 - Event Pictures

Meat, Inc. BBQ team usually consists of Aaron, Dean, Greg, and Ryan. Dean and Greg couldn't make it so we pulled in some alternates.
Overall it was a good venue and the event went pretty well for the first ever. We had a great time (until the judging results were handed out).

Aaron, Ryan and Noe setting up the site.

Noe is now a seasoned runner as he also participated in Viejas Smokin in the Park 2008. He cooked the chicken for that event and participated in the chicken in this event. Even though he always appears to have a beer in his hand, he actually works really hard and does all the jobs no one else volunteers for - like washing dishes and wiping down the prep areas. Thanks for the help Noe!

Where's Noe's beer? WTFO?!?!?

Also joining us again was Ken (The Asian Malaysian). He doesn't do much but rook good (that's Malaysian for sexy). I think he has fun until we start to play poker. He should just hand Aaron $40 and call it even. It would save us all some time.

Del from Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (USMC) BBQ Team showing Ryan and Jonny Cakes the secret to trimming chicken.

Warren and his son Ross also joined in this time. They both did a great job with the vending and Ross got to take some great photos with the ladies. He doesn't know we had to pay those girls in meat - bbq meat that is.

Ross with the ladies. What kind of grin is that on his face?

Ken, Warren, Ross and Jonny Cakes pretending to help.

Who's ready for some poker?

Just hand the money over, Kenny. Oh wait - Kenny's already out of this picture - and his money is now in my stack.

You can't start Competition Day without a Bloody Mary with the proper garnish - MEAT.

We told Jonny Cakes that if he sang Holy Diver into the bbq, the meat would do better in the judging. Based on how we finished, Jonny Cakes can't sing or this is an old wive tale.

Ryan, Warren and Ross getting geared up in the official Meat, Inc. shirt. Warren is showing off his moobs. It looks like Ross is a little embarrassed of his dad's chiseled figure.

No one and I mean NO ONE likes their brisket wrapped in bacon during the Texas crutch.

Aaron showing Warren and Jonny Cakes how to rest and sauce ribs all at the same time.

Kenny and Warren doing what they do best. Nehow showmommy.

Ryan, Ross, and Aaron turning in some not so prize winning Ribs.

One of our satisfied rib customers. Lilly said that our ribs should have placed at least 3rd. That 11th place was B.S.! How does she know what B.S. is?

Ross with more of the ladies. Personally, I think it's the shirt. Get a room man!

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