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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vista Rod Run 2009

This was the 1st Annual BBQ competition at the already established Vista Rod Run. The team thought that since this was basically in our back yard that the competition was a no brainer. Originally there were only 9 teams registered so a top 10 finish was achievable. As the competition date grew closer, 29 teams were registered and the top 10 finish slipped away.

This competition, Ryan and Aaron were focused on making our presentation better and took a lot of time asking questions and pre-making our turn in boxes. We had some really great input from Del (USMC BBQ Team) and from Phil Carter (7 Kinds of Smoke).

We also vended for the first time and had a ton of positive comments from the crowd tasting our samples.

Here is a link to the competition web site and the results page:

Ultimately, even though Ryan and Aaron - and the rest of the guys who turned out to help - thought this was our best presentation to date AND the meats were all pretty good, the results of the judging were lower than our expectations. I'll admit that the brisket was overdone and I couldn't slice it thinner than 3/8" - 1/2" thick without it shredding, the pork, chicken and especially the ribs all turned out great. The general public that tasted the offerings also had the same opinion and most people thought our samples were the best on the vending row. Too bad they weren't judging.

Here's the pictures of our turn ins:

Chicken - 25th out of 27

We did get a comment card from the judges on this meat:

"Bold move on the use of rub. You are onto something. Stood out on the table."

Sounds like such a positive comment . We got all 6 and 7 for appearance.

Ribs - 11th out of 25.

Pork - 24th out of 27

Brisket - 25th out of 27

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