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Friday, August 20, 2010

Harrah's Blues & BBQ Competition

Harrah's 1st Annual Blues & BBQ Competition and California State Championship BBQ Competition in Valley Center, CA.

We brought the new trailer / smoker to this event to cook our People's Choice meats and breakfast as well as our competition meats. The new trailer is a monster and once again - we only used 2 of the four shelves because it is so HUGE!

We had a great turn out for the team including Aaron, Doug, Mike (now an official team member), Wendy, Michelle, with some side help from Ryan and Dr. Chris White.

Michelle is giving the camera the evil eye because I should be helping stuff the 15 lbs of peppers!

Doug and Aaron prepping chicken. Where is Noe, Colin or Josh for this exercise? Prepping chicken SUCKS! Michelle is officially volunteered for the next comp.

Michelle laughs as she has to assist Aaron in rubbing the meats. Why is she laughing?

Meats are on for about 5 hours now - nice color. Look at ALL that room! Let's cook some more meats!

We added the ribs, wrapped PC and comp meats, and BREAKFAST! Carne Asada Chowder - YES!!!!

One super sized Bacon Explosion - aka Fatty ready for chow!

The Carne Asada Buffet Line. Hash browns, Bacon, Chowder, and Carne Asada waiting to be piled into a bowl. The other BBQ teams came from miles around to eat breakfast with Meat, Inc. Dave from All Sauced Up paid their "toll" - 1 bottle of Canadian Club Whiskey - the perfect pairing for Carne Asada Chowder!

Aaron eye-balls a chicken skin - is it for the comp meats or is it a mask for a new super hero?!?!
Look at the team effort getting the comp meats just right!
The fire department showed up to test out the flaming hot Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABT's). Luckily the men were ready for the heat!
Mike and Wendy helping out one of the many VIP's of the event.
This was a first year event for the promoters so there were some minor issues - like the 8" boxes (normally we get 9" boxes) but we adapted and overcame! On the plus side, they delivered as much ice and water as we needed - which is a great help to the BBQ teams. We go through a ton of ice keeping the cold food cold - and the cocktails colder!
Chicken - we still stuffed 9 pieces into that little box. One person said it looked like "eggs in a carton". We did OK on the chicken with a 12/29 but coming off of our 1st Place in Vista, we were really hoping for better. Next time!
Ribs - it was hard to get 6 bones in that little box - we finished 18/29. A bit of a disappointment but what can you do!??!
Pork - our lowest placing - 25/29. Not DAL but getting too close for comfort. We have a plan for next time and world domination!
Brisket - 22/29. It was a bit overdone for comp meats so we have some good direction and feedback so onward and upward. (It still kicked ass and some folks from Texas thought it was the best they'd ever had!).
As soon as Aaron finishes washing dishes - we can get this party started! Buddy Guy and BBQ King played later and we had to finish selling out of People's Choice Meats and get our drink on!
This very nice lady proclaimed that "this is the best pepper I have EVER had!". I'm not arguing with her - are you?
Our former Team Mate - Dean H. from Sportsman BBQ taking 4th in Chicken - way to go Deano and Josh!!!
The sun sets on Meat, Inc. with zero walks in this comp. There was still some fun to be had with Dr. White and the rest of the crew along with a Buddy Guy and BB King concert coming up and perhaps some late night snacks from the smoker.........

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