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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vista Smokin' Q Classic 2010

Vista Smokin' Q Classic 2010 California State BBQ Championship

This event was in our back yard which made it convenient for the whole team + some extra help show up. It was a great event and a ton of fun.

Team for this event included Colin, Ryan, Doug, Noe, Mike, Wendy, Michelle, Justin, and Aaron.

This was a vending event so we were able to sell samples of our BBQ to the crowd. THE crowd favorite is always Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABT's). We made 15 lbs of peppers this event and they were all sold out within a few hours.

Ken, Ron and some of the local friends came out to support us - and eat some chow!

Doug and Colin working hard prepping chicken. I think they actually like to prep chicken!

Ryan getting ready to wash some dishes. Such a hard worker!

Aaron and Wendy help Mike try on a Meat, Inc. tank top. I think it'll fit!

The new smoker has 4 shelves - we only needed two and still had plenty of room for comp meat and people's choice meat. Look at all that room! The new trailer is a monster with 50 square feet of cooking surface!
Morning - getting ready to make breakfast. Those butts are looking fantastic.

Steve M from All Hogs go to Heaven gently waking Aaron up. I think Steve wanted some breakfast!
Breakfast is on with some chowder and some baby fatties. Aaron also cured some buckboard bacon pork tenderloins for 9 days - smoked Canadian Bacon for breakfast - YES!!!

The Fatty - aka - Bacon Explosion - is fast becoming a standard for BBQ Comp breakfasts.

Breakfast is served. Besides Carne Asada Chowder, we had smoked Canadian Bacon and a Fatty. We are the best team to be around during breakfast time. Maybe not the best team to be around during "quiet time" but we make up for our excessive noise and carousing with breakfast for anyone who wants to join us.

ABT's on the grill. We smoke these for about 2 hours to get all the flavors to melt together.

Pulling pork butt for the People's Choice tasting. The new "Wolverine Claws" make short work of that butt!

Wendy and Mike are ready for the crowd. The Big Tex smoker looks tiny next to the new trailer. Aaron wants to know "who wants some chow?!?".

One of Meat, Inc.'s new fans sporting his new Official Meat, Inc. BBQ Team Tank Top. This shirt is normally preferred by the ladies but I think this young man is enjoying his purchase.
Chicken - 1st Place!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!! 1/45 teams. Fantastic Job.
Ribs - DAL 45/45. Not sure how that happened but what can you do? We'll try again next time.

Pork Butt - a respectable 14 / 45. Not too bad.

Brisket - 39 / 45. Not great but I think we are getting close to working out some kinks.

Doug, Noe, and Aaron with THE 1st Place Chicken Trophy. Great job boys!

Aaron lost his voice screaming at the chicken on top of the 1st Place Trophy. What a win!

The team accepting THE 1st Place Chicken Trophy.

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